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Our very first Vendor Spotlight is Zasio!

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Zasio has over 31 years of service in Information Governance. They focus on one thing: helping businesses not only get started in records management but maintain top-of-the-line Information Governance (IG) programs.

They have recruited a team of experts, including software developers and technicians, attorneys, analysts, Certified Records Managers (CRMs), Information Governance Professionals (IGPs), and Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPPs)—all in-house—who not only keep up with evolving IG trends, but who can also scale Versatile solutions to meet the demands of both customers new to records management and seasoned veterans. The team is founder-led by the same person who created the company 31 years ago, Kevin Zasio. 

Read about the company, their products and solutions, and more by clicking on the logo above. 


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