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Zasio has over 31 years of service in Information Governance. We focus on one thing: helping businesses not only get started in records management but maintain top-of-the-line Information Governance (IG) programs.

Since we started in the industry, we’ve recruited a team of experts, including software developers and technicians, attorneys, analysts, Certified Records Managers (CRMs), Information Governance Professionals (IGPs), and Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPPs)—all in-house—who not only keep up with evolving IG trends, but who can also scale Versatile solutions to meet the demands of both customers new to records management and seasoned veterans. Our team is founder-led by the same person who created our company 31 years ago, Kevin Zasio. 

It’s no wonder why thousands of companies, including half of the top 20 Fortune 500, have trusted our software solutions and expert consulting services to implement world-class Information Governance programs. No matter the size of your business, we can present scalable, customizable solutions that will enable you to efficiently and effectively govern and manage your information. We pride ourselves on delivering unmatched simplicity, continuity, and stability to our customers.

Read about industry trends, standards, news, and more on Zasio's blog. Topics include Blockchain, the pros and cons of digitazing paper records, ROT, and more!

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Zasio's Blog

Microsoft SharePoint is a well-known and widespread platform for team collaboration and business productivity used in organizations across the globe. There are over 200 million active users worldwide and 50% of businesses use SharePoint in some form. Indeed, organizations of all sizes and types, and from every industry, have adopted it as an important part of their operations. But managing content within SharePoint can be a challenge — especially in areas like records management, information governance, and process automation.

That’s where we come in. We’re well-known for SharePoint integration built into our electronic records management system, Versatile ERMS™, but we now offer that same ease of integration with Versatile Retention, the most robust records retention schedule solution available on the market. 

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Integrating Versatile Retention with SharePoint

Despite digitization and decades of paperless initiatives, companies still work with a lot of paper. For many organizations, core functions like accounts payable, human resources or account on-boarding remain mired in paper copies and manual workflow. Since the foundation of digital transformation is all about getting rid of paper, a common reaction is “Why don’t we just scan it all?” This might seem to be a reasonable approach, but it may not always make good business sense.

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Just Scan It



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