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Member Spotlight: 

Danna Schacter, CRA, IGP                       

  1.     Describe yourself:

I am a Los Angeles native. I grew up in the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, but recently moved closer to downtown. It’s certainly a change! When not working, I love hiking and exploring the hidden natural areas in and around LA. I also enjoy reading and writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I consider myself a nerd.

  1.     How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the RIM industry for almost ten years. I’ve worked in many environments, including a small mom-and-pop manufacturing company, a variety of non-profits, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I enjoy working for organizations that need to develop a records program.

  1.     How did you get into RIM?

I decided to obtain a Masters of Library and Information Science degree. At the time I wanted to become a librarian. However, I took a few records management classes and decided that was the direction I wanted to go. So I’m one of the few RIM folks I know that actually chose to be in the profession rather than falling into it.

  1.     What was your biggest challenge?

Implementing an enterprise content management system. I have never been in so many meetings about one topic before in my life. And just when it seemed we were ready to roll it out to our pilot department, it was decided to change the entire direction of the project!

  1.     What was your greatest accomplishment?

Designing and opening an on-site records center. This was a fun project. As my company moved into a new building, I was given a huge room for the center. Designing it including drafting a floor plan, deciding on materials, creating policy and procedure, and deciding on management software. It also meant searching the company for filing boxes tucked away in corners, closets, behind doors, etc., and conducting an inventory. All-in-all it was a very successful project.

  1.     How has ARMA-GLA benefited you?

I joined the chapter right before I obtained my MLIS degree. The chapter helped me grow as a professional by offering so many educational meetings. I was also able to network and meet new colleagues and friends. I even found a job through connections I made in the chapter.

  1.     Words of advice for other professionals:

Never stop learning. Our profession is changing so rapidly, it is no longer enough just to be a records manager. We need to know about technology, cyber security, privacy, business continuity, business processes and automation, and so much more. I read articles and watch webinars on all sorts of topics, and when I find something that really interests me I dive into it!

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