Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: 

Alexis Mendoza                      

  1.     Describe yourself:

I was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles. When I’m not working I like to catch up on my Netflix queue, discover new places to eat at, and workout. 

  1.     How long have you been in the industry?

I graduated with my Masters in Library and Information Science from UCLA in 2016 and since then have worked in the RIM industry. When I was still working towards my degree I held internships at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Charles E. Young Research Library at UCLA, and a smaller non profit. 

  1.     How did you get into RIM?

When I decided to obtain my MLIS I had plans of becoming a librarian. However, I took a few records management classes and took on a records management internship and decided to go in that direction. 

  1.     What was your biggest challenge?

Since I am fairly new to RIM my biggest challenge has been to understand how RIM plays out in a workplace. Records management classes were a great primer but I discovered that a lot of what I learned plays out differently in a real work environment. 

  1.     What was your greatest accomplishment?

Completing a large backlog project. It was tedious and tiresome work but was necessary to try and implement our enterprise content management system. I was happy to complete it! 

  1.     How has ARMA-GLA benefited you?

Since I came into RIM as a fresh MLIS graduate it has provided me with mentorship and helped me expand on my knowledge of RIM. I am able to bring what I learn from the educational meetings into the workplace and keep up with new or emerging trends. Also, it gave me the opportunity to network and meet other people in the industry. 

  1.     Words of advice for other professionals:

Network, network, network! Attending the monthly meetings, conference, and other events is a great way to meet people and develop professional relationships. It may even lead to new opportunities and great mentorships! 

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