2018 Conference Presentations

2018 Conference Presentations

A False Sense of (Cyber) Security - Rodney

In the age of multiple security breaches in many organizations of all sizes and functions Cyber Security has become the catch phrase of the day. While data security has always been at the forefront of protecting digital information, adherence to security

Change Management vs. Change Leadership - Madrid

There is a difference between leading change and managing change. Knowing the difference will impact your implementation of Information Governance. Join D. Madrid, one of the trailblazers of the Information Governance profession, for this informative sess

Change Only Happens with Effective Communication - DiMino

You have been asked to make a presentation on the information you have been gathering. The data is in. The metrics have been measured. The solutions have been analyzed. Now…You want to be clear, concise and coherent when you stand in front of your audien

Compliance in the Cannabis Industry: Managing Risk in the Midst of the Green Rush - Rogoway

California’s cannabis industry presents a mix of both opportunities and liabilities for anyone wishing to become involved. From a regulatory perspective, California law requires strict adherence to the METRC Track and Trace system which regulates licensin

Expressing Cyber Risk: A Survey of Public Company Disclosures - Felker

Public companies are required to disclose business risks before IPO and in their annual disclosures. Private companies with ambition to go public or be acquired are more recently going through rigorous cybersecurity assessments in M&A due diligence. The

New Kids on the Blockchain: RIM Blockchain Applications Today and Tomorrow - Isaza and Kaye

In this presentation, the audience will explore the basics of blockchain technology, coupled with the specific implications for records and information governance professions.

The Ethical Custodian – New Challenges in Law Firm RIM and IG - Colgin

Law firms are in the information business. Information is a critical operational asset, and is effectively the primary product. And because law firms are custodians of client-owned information, it puts both firms and their clients at risk if proper gover

The GDPR Journey: Discussion of Key Regulation Scope, Requirements, and Practical Strategy - Sanchez

This session will provide an overview of the GDPR and how it may affect your organization. Jeff will discuss fundamental GDRP concepts, scope, implementation requirements and timeline for compliance. The discussion will focus on practical scenarios and

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